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Demo that Got The Deal Vol 4 Reviews by Craig Fenton

1. Adam Rivera The Answer 3:05 
2. Kitoto Proud Soul Heritage 3:42 
3. Steve Gilligan Before the Fall 5:03 
4. Tony Rocks Do It For Love 3:54
5. Audioscam Bridgetown Girls 3:18 
6. Joe Viglione Secret Things 3:19 
7. Kenny Selcer It's All Around You 4:39 
8. Joe Black Armageddon 2:51
9. Metal Pistol D.O.A 5:21 
10. JASON Hylas 1:05

Joe Vig's Pop Explosion Volume 4

11. Ian Anderson - interview 4:08 12. Alan Merrill I Love Rock & Roll - interview 11:46 13. Alan Merrill - interview 2 6:56 14. Rob Fraboni - interview 3:59 15. Danny Sheridan - interview 7:10 16. Dick Wagner - interview 2:10 17. Steve Holley - interview 2:55 18. Ocean - interview 2:08


Track #1  Adam Rivera  "The Answer"

Adam Rivera- The Answer from the CD Superauspicious (2012)
Labeling an artists sound should be non-compulsory because it often places the creativity in a small tightly wrapped box unable to fully breathe.  Many have called Adam Rivera somebody with expertise in the Speed-Folk genre.

Adam’s twenty year plus track record (many as a solo acoustic performer) earns him the right to be significantly more bounteous.  Without ever compromising his own direction Adam’s tunes are a proper mix of several generations of voices Lou Reed, Garland Jeffreys, Willie Nile, and They Might Be Giants.

To borrow a lyric from The Answer “All Systems Go” is truth in foreshadowing.  From the opening notes you are open to your own interpretation.   The car ride as well as the story of love he pontificates has ups and downs and peaks and valleys.

You may find the words take you in a completely different direction, a quality found in numerous Adam Rivera recordings.  His success has been in making any of us belief we found the undeniable meaning as long as we enjoyed the ride!

The vocals are articulated in such a natural approach you feel Adam is speaking to a handful of people and commends our attention throughout.  There is nothing pretentious.  The track lasts a bit over three minutes and doesn’t need any extension.  As in any well crafted tune you no sooner finish the song and will be hitting the repeat button a multitude of times.   Adam has found “The Answer” and the only question is how soon you will enjoy the question.

Cover art of maxi-cd single for Kitoto's performance at the Apollo Theater February 6, 2014
created by Kenny Selcer
Track 2  PROUD SOUL HERITAGE - Kitoto Von Hebb

Kitoto- Proud Soul Heritage (Recorded 2013 and mixed in 2014)
In an industry filled with over-inflated egos it is extraordinarily rare that an artist seeks to open doors with their voice and not bloodline.  Kitoto is actually Kitoto Von Hebb, the daughter of Soul legend Bobby Hebb (tragically passed away August 3rd, 2010).  Bobby having written one of the most famous songs of all-time (Sunny) and toured with the Beatles could present incalculable opportunities to Kitoto but her soul (heart and voice) will successfully provide entry into any setting without the nepotism.

Almost 40 years ago (1975) Bobby recorded Proud Soul Heritage.  As a tribute to dad, along with a powerhouse of a message to all of us with a heart it is only fitting that Steve Holley drummer extraordinaire (played and or recorded with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Chuck Berry, and Julian Lennon) is part of the recording.

Kitoto’s version of Proud Soul Heritage is as good of a Soul song released in decades.  Current styles of music Soul, Rock, Country, etc. have nothing in common with the true meaning of those genres, especially the glory days pre-1980.  Kitoto has scholarly knowledge of what Soul was all about and how to share it with any generation.  Her voice resonates notes that turn into silk and the inspired lyrical delivery can bring emotion to the stuffiest of individuals.

Reviews By Craig Fenton
author of Take Me to A Circus Tent
(Jefferson Airplane)  
and Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (Jefferson Starship)

Track #8    

Joe Black- Armageddon CD Single (2013)
Joe Black the bass-player for the paramount heavy rockers Ball ‘N’ Chain enhances his resume with a blowtorch of a single Armageddon.
To some Armageddon is phantasmal and to others it is not only is a threat but a soon to be reality.
Joe examines the subject without apologies.  The three minutes of sounds are harsh, heavy, and heading for the windpipe.  A conglomeration of Ball ‘N’ Chain, post Ozzy Black Sabbath, a bit of Grand Funk Railroad, and Joe’s take on the subject yields an untarnished souvenir that may turn out to be a lone survivor.
If you relish quality metal from any decade Joe Black delivers sharp sonority targeting your skull.


Reviews By Craig Fenton
author of Take Me to A Circus Tent
(Jefferson Airplane)  
and Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (Jefferson Starship)

Joe Vig's Pop Explosion Volume 4

11. Ian Anderson - interview 4:08 
12. Alan Merrill I Love Rock & Roll - interview 11:46 
13. Alan Merrill - interview 2 6:56 
14. Rob Fraboni - interview 3:59 
15. Danny Sheridan - interview 7:10 
16. Dick Wagner - interview 2:10 
17. Steve Holley - interview 2:55 
18. Ocean - interview 2:08


Track #17  Steve Holley interview
The Demo that Got The Deal with Steve Holley / Angel Air Records

JV Let us ask you, what was the Demo that Got The Deal for the Reluctant Dog on Angel Air Records

Steve Holly: Angel Air Records, yes, it's Peter Purnell
has a company, it's kind of a boutique label in the U.K., in Yorkshire.  It came about because I'm a drummer, a fledgling piano player and a wannabe songwriter, and I've always written songs.

I just decided one day that I would record the ones that wouldn't go away to the best of my ability - in other words the songs that stuck in my head, I figure well, perhaps that they're the best, the cream of my crop, so to speak, not to compare to anybody else. I went ahead and started work on that and played a few of them while we were touring England with Ian Hunter - and Mick Ralphs was in the band at the time, it was called the Taking the Mick tour, I think, I was playing the songs, and he asked "who's singing"...I said it's me,  well, who's playing the instruments

(more interview to follow)

AllMusic Review by   [-]

Journeyman drummer Steve Holley has provided some of the most solid and creative beats for Paul McCartneyKiki DeeJoe CockerJulian Lennon, and Ian Hunter over the years, and though he recorded a couple of tracks in the U.K. in January of 1980 (included here), those beats never got the opportunity to be heard backing him up until the release of The Reluctant Dog, a 13-track collection of melodies and feelings that are well worth the wait. For those put off by the manufactured pop that Phil Collins runs off the assembly line, The Reluctant Dog will provide much satisfaction. Produced byHolley and bassist/guitarist Keith Lentin, the album is chock-full of surprises -- the short and sweet instrumental "Punta del Este (with daughter Amanda Holley on flute) and a bubbling Genesis-like "Entertain You" to mention just two.  Read more here:

Every week we're sending out more tracks to radio and media
__________________________________________________ Track #18 The Demo that got the Deal for OCEAN
Put Your Hand In The Hand

The Song


Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship biographer Fenton has given his perspective on a majority of the tracks on the 4th volume of our CD series, 


Jefferson Starship

Review of Have You Seen the Stars Tonite
Craig Fenton on Kenny Selcer

Proud Soul Heritage written by Bobby Hebb

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New Edition of Vol. 3 The Demo That Got The Deal

April 7, 2013 to debut at the  Original N.E. Compact Disc & Record Expo

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1)The Birds - Buzzy Linhart   2:47  

2)Buzzy Linhart interview Demo/Deal  "The Demo That Got The Deal for the Music album."   1:12

3)Sunny   Bobby Hebb

4)Friend - Peter Calo  3:38 (Written by Joe Viglione)

5)Ian Hunter interview / Demo That Got the Deal for Mott The Hoople   2:27

6)Shine   MAFFEO   6:37

7)Mark Farner interview 'The Demo That Got The Deal for Grand Funk Railroad"  :53

8)Audioscam - When The Money's Gone   2:48

9)Gary Brooker  Procol Harum interview  "The Demo That Got The Deal for Procol Harum"  featuring music from Steve Gilligan's Jacob's Well CD  2:18

10)Silver Ring - Matt Turk  3:24

11)Trade up - the Complaints   2:52

12)Gary DeCarlo of “Steam”  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye  Demo/Deal for Gary DeCarlo  2:45

13)Harriet Schock  "It Flies"  5:30  
(This is the studio version produced by Nik Venet; we have a very
rare live version out-take from Harriet's Live CD)

14)Demo/Deal Harriet Schock  20th Century Records and Berry Gordy's Last Dragon film  9:45

15)Jape  "Rose Between The Thorns"  4:05

16)Burton Cummings interview  discussing "These Eyes" 1:00

17)"The Old Grey Hat"  Jack Phillips  3:03

18)Steve Cataldo   "The Demo that got the Deal for the Nervous Eaters  2:53

19)Friend  Joe Viglione  3:15  (Joe Viglione; Var Music Publishing)

20)Cryin Shame - Ball n Chain  4:32

21)Ida's At The Back Door - Peter Calo  4:00 (Peter Calo)

22)Don't Forget About Me  Kenny Selcer   4:18


Contact these stations via Twitter and request Vol. 3 of


Bentley College / Radio Bentley

WBIM  Bridgewater State
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Harvard WHRB


MIT  WMBR Music Director

WMFO  Tufts

WMFO DJ  South Hadley Mass

WRBB Northeastern


WTBU Boston University


Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston · 


Hello Artists:

I'm putting a press release together for the full CD and a little booklet.  This is a proposed press release on Peter Calo's two tracks, though it is probably going to change.

Please help me put together a "tear sheet" for your track on the disc.  This will have your track #, and answer pertinent questions:

1)When did you first write the song?
2)Are you with BMI or ASCAP or SESAC?
3)When did you record?
4)Who is the producer, engineer, etc?
5)Any guest artists appearing on your track?

other ideas on the tear sheet are welcome.



SONGS:   TRACK #4   ‘FRIEND’  3:38

                  TRACK #21  ‘IDA’S AT THE BACK DOOR’    4:00

 Most recognized for his work with Carly Simon, Peter Calo has recorded and performed with such legendary Grammy Award winning artists as James Taylor, Hall and Oats, and renowned record producer Phil Ramone, to mention only a few. He has performed on numerous television appearances, among them Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, CBS Good Morning and theLate Show with David Letterman both as a band member and separately with featured guests. (from

“Ida’s At The Back Door” is from Calo’s forthcoming cd while “Friend” is a cover of Joe Viglione’s song from his fourth lp released in Paris, France – NEW CHANGES. 

Both songs are unavailable anywhere else at the time of the release of Demo That Got The Deal Vol. 3.

Peter Calo is available for interviews to talk about his albums, his upcoming cd (as well as previous releases) and about the two songs on this project.

   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Demo That Got The Deal TM   launched in 1991 when Boston Music Showcase debuted on WCGY, 93.7 FM Lawrence/Boston.

Harvey Wharfield was the host with Joe Viglione producing and writing the scripts for this 22 year old program.  

P.O. BOX 2392
WOBURN, MA 01888
e mail  demodeal}@}

Sunday, November 11, 2012

11-17-12 release of Vol. 3. DEMO THAT GOT THE DEAL tm

RELEASE DATE: 11-17-12
Simmons College
Intercollegiate Broadcast System Regional Convention, Boston

11-18-12   Original N.E. Compact Disc & Record Expo


1)The Birds - Buzzy Linhart

Buzzy Linhart interview Demo/Deal  "The Demo That Got The Deal for the Music album."

2)Friend - Peter Calo

3)Ian Hunter interview / Demo That Got the Deal for Mott The Hoople

4)Shine   MAFFEO  

5)Mark Farner interview 'The Demo That Got The Deal for Grand Funk Railroad"

6)Audioscam - When The Money's Gone

7)Gary Brooker  Procol Harum interview  "The Demo That Got The Deal for Procol Harum"

8)Trade up - the Complaints

9)Gary DeCarlo of “Steam”  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye  Demo/Deal for Gary DeCarlo

10)Harriet Schock  "It Flies"

11)Demo/Deal Harriet Schock  20th Century Records and Berry Gordy's Last Dragon film

12)Jape  "Rose Between The Thorns"

13)Burton Cummings interview  discussing "These Eyes"

14)"The Old Grey Hat"  Jack Phillips

15)Steve Cataldo   "The Demo that got the Deal for the Nervous Eaters

16)Friend  Joe Viglione

17)Wired to the Moon  Peter Calo

18)Don't Forget About Me  Kenny Selcer

There are more interviews scheduled to appear on Volume 4, sometime in January of 2013

Interviews on the disc include the “demo that got the deal” for Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople, Dick Wagner (of Alice Cooper/Lou Reed), Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Burton Cummings on the Guess Who’s “These Eyes”, David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, Eric Lilljequist of Boston’s band Orphan, Gary DeCarlo of “Steam” on the demo/deal for Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Genya Ravan of Ten Wheel Drive, Richard Manitoba of The Dictators, Steve Cataldo of Nervous Eaters and Harry Sandler of Orpheus.

Music on the disc includes Buzzy Linhart’s “The Birds” as well as an interview with Linhart on the Demo that got the Deal for the MUSIC album on Buddah Records, Peter Calo, Jack Phillips, Jape, Dan Maffeo's group MAFFEO and more.

Joe Viglione
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn, MA 01888
Demodeal  [ {@} ]

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Demo That Got The Deal - iconic radio program that was launched on 93.7 WCGY in 1991

Friday, August 20, 2010

Janis Joplin Jimi Hendrix Al Wilson Conspiracy


Arlington's Forgotten Music Legend

By Joe Viglione

September 3, 2010 is the fortieth anniversary of the passing of Arlington's Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, the late lead singer and founding member of the legendary blues/rock group Canned Heat. I was sixteen years old and living on Beverly Road in Arlington, on the shores of the lower Mystic lakes when the Arlington Advocate published its obituary of Wilson. As a huge music fan I certainly loved the groups' hit recordings, "On The Road Again", "Goin' Up The Country" and a cover of Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together". Wilson sang the first two hits while his friend and band co-founder, Bob "The Bear" Hite, sang "Let's Work Together."

As the history of Arlington music goes, Canned Heat is an essential - perhaps central - component, deserving of a place in the history books because of Al Wilson's roots in this community. Along with Alan Hovhaness, former Arista recording artist Andy Mendelson, The Prince and The Paupers, Fox Pass, Tony Caliendo of the Pink Floyd tribute band Pink Void, The Tarbox family and others, Arlington has a heritage to be proud of.

There are plenty of places to find out about Alan Wilson's work with Canned Heat. Wikipedia and have lots of entries, this writer contributing reviews to All Music of the Canned Heat album Hallelujah as well as a "best of" package entitled Canned Heat Cookbook: Their Greatest Hits. Released in 1969 it would be the first of dozens and dozens of repackages, according to the AMG site. This tribute being what it is, readers are urged to check out those sites for more information, especially a fan page for Wilson called simply

What people don't realize is that Wilson was the first of four 27 year old rock stars to pass on, and when put in this context it is actually quite chilling. After Otis Redding died in a plane crash in 1967 at the age of 26 it was Wilson's death on September 3, 1970 that preceded Jimi Hendrix on September 18 and Janis Joplin's on October 4. This is the 40th Anniversary of all three of these rock & roll legends...and their story doesn't quite stop there. Conspiracy theories abound for all three of these counterculture figures.

But why the seemingly harmless Alan Wilson? In the epilogue of Salvador Astucia's controversial book " Rethinking John Lennon’s Assassination - The FBI’s War on Rock Stars" as well as at the conclusion of the biography on there are hints and more. Wikipedia currently has a photo of the upside down American flag being planted on the moon in an Iwo Jima-type way (one has to look at the actual flag with his upside down on a rightside up pole). Wikipedia notes "The upside down flag was Alan Wilson's idea and was a response to his love of nature, growing environmentalism and concern that humankind would soon be polluting the moon as well as the Earth (as reflected in his song "Poor Moon")." While Astucia states in his essay - Targeting the right people - "Alan "Wilson made a powerful political statement by displaying an upside-down American flag on the cover of Canned Heat’s 1970 album, Future Blues". In Chapter 12 of his book Astucia writes " Canned Heat performed with Jimi Hendrix on September 4, 1970 at a concert in Berlin, but Alan Wilson died that very morning. (JV notes: Actually, Wilson died on the 3rd) This fact has been suppressed in virtually all accounts of Hendrix’s final days." Astucia also claims Janis Joplin was at the Berlin concert, which would have been impossible if her final concert with Full Tilt Boogie was August 12 1970 in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wikipedia notes that her Pearl album's recording sessions "...began in early September, ended with Joplin's untimely death on October 4, 1970."

But the fact that Canned Heat and Jimi Hendrix played just two weeks before Hendrix's death, and that Al Wilson died on the day before the show, is definite food for thought as more evidence is uncovered that both Hendrix and Joplin might have been murdered. Alan says in the biography of Wilson " Although Alan Wilson’s death was ruled a suicide by the press at the time; the fact remains that in many instances, the statistics surrounding his passing were mis-reported. The police officer listed the cause as "accidental". The music tabloids in Europe, where Canned Heat was on tour, reported several incorrect drug-related scenarios (we have copies of at least 4) that were debunked by documents in the public record. In addition, The LA times article from September 4, 1970 reported that Alan was found with 4 "reds" (phenobarbitol) and that it was an "overdose of barbituates."

Three counterculture figures died within a month of each other, all at the age of 27, and J. Edgar Hoover was said to be watching these individuals who potentially had control over the youth during the Viet Nam era. Despite Salvador Astucia getting somewhat overzealous by adding Joplin to the German concert and pushing Wilson's death up a day (the time difference between West Coast Pacific Time and German time being about 8 hours), his information is still hard-hitting and, for the most part, very accurate.

Wikipedia notes that Alan Wilson may have attempted suicide twice before his passing, so we are left to our own conclusions. But it is pretty strange that he was the first of these 27 year old rock stars who had all performed at Monterey Pop and Woodstock together (Canned Heat, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix both performing at those iconic moments in music history)
to leave us.

This is the Fortieth Anniversary of the passing of Arlington's Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson. At the very least we'd like to respectfully note his accomplishments and hope that people in the town recognize his importance.



Alan Wilson site


Canned heat Catalog

Canned Heat Cookbook review by Joe Viglione

Hallelujah review by Joe Viglione

Wikipedia with Upside Down Flag photo

Future Blues CD review with upside down flag

Hendrix/Canned Heat Chapter 12 Astucia

Janis Joplin PEARL

Joplin's Lsst Concert

Biography on

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Peter Cetera Live at the Boston Esplanade

Saturday evening, July 31, 2010

Former musician from the group Chicago plays it soft and safe at the Boston Esplanade

By Joe Viglione

To those of us who loved the pop music of The Velvet Underground and The Beatles, the underground rock/pop of Lou Reed and the mainstream pop of John, Paul, George & Ringo,
the music of the group Chicago was truly anathema when it first touched our collective ears.

Four decades or more later one can appreciate the majesty of songs like "If You Leave Me Now", "Hard Habit to Break" and the endless stream of other adult contemporary confections that Peter Cetera has collected during and after his stint in Chicago.

With a solid band of musicians behind him P.C. strangely put together an extremely pedestrian presentation. It was actually quite shocking that the performance concentrated so heavily on the sounds of the eighties when there was much potential for a dynamic roller coaster ride through his career.

Interviewing Syb Hashian of Ernie & The Automatics (and the group Boston, of course), Cetera stopped by and said hello to Sybby...a professional and very nice gentleman, I was hoping he would go out there and out Chicago his former band Chicago!

Alas, the audience was hoping for the same thing too and didn't get it. Rather than open up with the song co-written by legendary Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller and Traffic's Steve Winwood, "I'm A Man", a huge hit in Boston for Chicago as the flip side of "Questions 67 and 68" as well as a Top 10 hit for Spencer Davis Group in 1967 - produced by former Bostonian-for-a-time, the late Jimmy Miller, the set featured laid-back ballads punctuated by a quasi-reggae tune (??), a cover of "Lady Madonna" (??????). A pleasant surprise early in the set was the accompaniment by a young lady who performed duets on Peter's hits with Cher and Amy Grant. When they went into the Top 10 1989 smash "After All", the young lady (we'll track her name down) sounded so much like Cher the audience resounded with total enthusiasm. The audience also responded when the star asked them to pull out cameras and sway with one of the super power ballads, possibly "Hard Habit To Break" (wasn't that from the interesting movie "Summer Lovers" back in the day?, no, no was probably "Hard to Say I'm Sorry")...anyway, lots of Cetera vocals/songs have spilled over into the film world...good for him - glad he has something to fall back on because the free concert audience was clearly getting tired waiting for the break of day, waiting on "Make Me Smile" or "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is", songs that he avoided. Perhaps because Robert Lamm or Terry Kath were the voices on those old hits (it seems that Lamm did take the lead on "Does Anybody Really Know...", proud to say I'm not an expert on the music of Chicago...far from it!)...still, the audience wanted some punch and the Chicago hits would have brought them to life.

The rendition of "If You Leave Me Now" was more Dan Fogelberg than Chicago, the strings definitely needed to bring this one home, and the acoustic encore of "25 or 6 to 4" was truly foreplay without the kiss - don't even think about the sex. When the riff that's as classic as "Sunshine Of Your Love" (I'm not comparing the value of the tunes, just that both songs contain two of the most historic opening riffs in rock) came in for verse two the audience finally almost got what they came for. But unlike Eric Burdon's mesmerizing "Sky Pilot" or Three Dog Night's terrific "Celebrate" or Peter Noone's exquisite "There's A Kind of Hush", all performed on the Esplanade in years past and all delivering pandemonium, the truncated rendition of the most necessary song of the night (though not Cetera's biggest) was a let down. As was the concert.

Look, I was not a Peter Cetera fan to begin with, but I do appreciate his contributions and was rooting for him. When someone is giving an artist more than a benefit of the doubt and that artists takes his hits and puts together a show with the worst pacing this writer's witnessed in a decade, well, it is clear he's having fun and if you can enjoy it with him, all the better.

It was a nice summer night with pleasant music on the Esplanade with a major name who could have walked off the stage owning this town. Instead, he delivered predictable songs with a bit of a dated feel to them. A pity...the song construction and his marvelous voice could have made for a dynamite conclusion to this year's summer concert series from 103.3 FM. Cetera showed up sober and was professional throughout, but he could have won some converts over and just didn't care to.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


To contact Joe Viglione

Varulven Records
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn, MA 01888


was distributed at IBS 2006 at the Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City
March 10, 11, 2006

Very proud of this collection of songs

4:11 Jeannie Kendall You Just Don't Get Me
4:32 Bobby Hebb That's All I Wanna Know
3:47 Stewkey Hello It's Me (Vegas Mix)
1:01 Moogy Klingman PSA
3:28 Moogy Klingman Dust In The Wind
2:50 Ingrid Saxon Downtown/I Know A Place
3:27 Harriet Schock
:26 Harriet Schock PSA
4:52 Annie Ken Selcer
2:28 Love Is All A Game The Fifth Estate
2:25 Wayne Wadhams from Visual Radio
2:24 The Fifth Estate It's Waiting There For You
4:09 Let The World Wash In/Theme from Isle Of Wight
2:45 Jeffland (edit)
4:14 Moulty Interview
2:33 Boogie Rock Moulty & The Barbarians
6:50 Doris Troy, 7/1/00 Demo That Got The Deal
3:25 Don't Change On Me - Marty Balin
6:18 Greg Hawkes with Harvey Wharfield
4:55 Stewkey
2:49 Paul Hultman Where's The Fiesta
5:15 Ray Manzarek Interview

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Demo That Got The Deal Vol. 2


Perhaps the coolest collection of recordings and interviews since Nuggets!

Joe Viglione Session Diary, October 18, 2005

Recording was initiated last week at Selcer Sound & Graphics with engineer
Ken Selcer. On Tuesday night we transferred the interview with Doris Troy,
author of "Just One Look", on how her demo of the song became the deal - and the hit record.

Ken had already made the transfer on the interview with Bobby Hebb.

Track listing so far:

1)"You Just Don't Get Me" by Jeannie Kendall
Written by Harriet Schock and Holly Mathis
Geniusgirl(ASCAP), More Future Schock Songs (ASCAP
Produced by Mike Stults/Brian Fisher
from the album "All The Girls I Am"

2)"That's All I Wanna Know" 4:32 Bobby Hebb
Written by James Carr and Roosevelt Jamison
Published by Moring Music, Ltd.
Dr. Rubberfunk Remix, Produced by Rudiger Ladwig
From the CD single "Sunny" (a remix of a song from
the album "That's All I Know").

3)Hello It's Me - Stewkey, Nazz Vegas Mix!

4)Moogy Klingman Public Service Announcement for
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue

5)"Dust In The Wind"
Written by Mark "Moogy" Klingman; Moogy Music (BMI)
Demo recorded at Juggies Studios, NYC
Moogy Klingman/Lead Vocals, piano, hammond organ
Todd Rundgren/harmony vocals
Robbie Kogale/guitar, harmony vocals
Roy Markewitzdrums
John Siegler/bass, harmony vocals

6)"Downtown/I Know A Place" 2:49 Ingrid Saxon
Written by Tony Hatch
Produced by Peter Calo
Ingrid Saxon/vocals, Paul Trueblood/keyboards

7)"Think How Much You'll Love Me" (alternate mix) Harriet Schock
A different mix from the tune on HARRIET SCHOCK LIVE: From Fairfax to Pasadena
Produced and engineered by Phil Appelbaum
Recorded Oct. 4 and 5 2000
Harriet Schock/keyboards, lead vocals
Joe Lammano/bass
Corwyn Travers/vocals
Gary Floyd/vocals
Herbie Katz/harmonica

8)Harriet Schock Public Service Announcement

9)"Annie" Ken Selcer
Writtena and performed by Ken Selcer/BMI

10)Interview with Doris Troy
DJ Joe Viglione, July 1, 2000

11)"Love Is All A Game" The Fifth Estate 1966
Wayne Wadhams/piano, harpsichord, organ, vocals
Ken Evans/drums, percussion
Doug Ferrara/bass
Rick Engler/electric guitar, vocals
Chuck Legros/vocals, tambourine
Bill Shute/acoustic & electric guitars, Mandolin

12)Demo That Got The Deal with Wayne Wadhams
interview on Visual Radio

13)"I'm Waiting There For You" The Fifth Estate

14)Let the World Wash In
Eddy Pumer/Peter Daltrey
21/08/70 Philips 6006 043
A rare single released on Philips - the official Isle Of Wight 1970 Festival theme


17)Interview with Greg Hawkes & Harvey Wharfield.
WCGY, 93.7 50,000 watt station located in Lawrence, Massachusetts

18)"Mercy Of The Moon" (Staehely) 6:18 Marty Balin
Marty is a founding member of The Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship.
This was released on "Better Generation", an album on Wayne Green's CD Review
label. Joe Viglione was the A & R man for the label who signed both Marty and
the band "Spirit". This take features Willie Weeks on bass.
Recorded at The Loft Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.

19)Demo That Got The Deal with Marty Balin

20)Demo That Got The Deal with Bobby Hebb

21)Where's The Party Paul Hultman en Espanol
Written by Paul Hultman, Var Music Publishing, BMI
Basic Tracks produced by Joe Viglione at Inner City Sound
Spanish version idea by Joe Viglione, tracked by Steven Paul Perry at Blue Light

Paul Hultman/rhythm guitar, vocals
Rich LaChapelle - Lead, rhythm guitar
Mike Young/Bass, backing vocals
Jim Graziano/drums

4:11 Jeannie Kendall You Just Don't Get Me
4:32 Bobby Hebb That's All I Wanna Know
3:47 Stewkey Hello It's Me (Vegas Mix)
1:01 Moogy Klingman PSA
3:28 Moogy Klingman Dust In The Wind
2:50 Ingrid Saxon Downtown/I Know A Place
3:27 Harriet Schock
:26 Harriet Schock PSA
4:52 Annie Ken Selcer
2:28 Love Is All A Game The Fifth Estate
2:25 Wayne Wadhams from Visual Radio
2:24 The Fifth Estate It's Waiting There For You
4:09 Let The World Wash In/Theme from Isle Of Wight
2:45 Jeffland (edit)
4:14 Moulty Interview
2:33 Boogie Rock Moulty & The Barbarians
6:50 Doris Troy, 7/1/00 Demo That Got The Deal
3:25 Don't Change On Me - Marty Balin
6:18 Greg Hawkes with Harvey Wharfield
4:55 Stewkey
2:49 Paul Hultman Where's The Fiesta
5:15 Ray Manzarek Interview