Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Demo That Got The Deal Vol. 2


Perhaps the coolest collection of recordings and interviews since Nuggets!

Joe Viglione Session Diary, October 18, 2005

Recording was initiated last week at Selcer Sound & Graphics with engineer
Ken Selcer. On Tuesday night we transferred the interview with Doris Troy,
author of "Just One Look", on how her demo of the song became the deal - and the hit record.

Ken had already made the transfer on the interview with Bobby Hebb.

Track listing so far:

1)"You Just Don't Get Me" by Jeannie Kendall
Written by Harriet Schock and Holly Mathis
Geniusgirl(ASCAP), More Future Schock Songs (ASCAP
Produced by Mike Stults/Brian Fisher
from the album "All The Girls I Am"

2)"That's All I Wanna Know" 4:32 Bobby Hebb
Written by James Carr and Roosevelt Jamison
Published by Moring Music, Ltd.
Dr. Rubberfunk Remix, Produced by Rudiger Ladwig
From the CD single "Sunny" (a remix of a song from
the album "That's All I Know").

3)Hello It's Me - Stewkey, Nazz Vegas Mix!

4)Moogy Klingman Public Service Announcement for
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue

5)"Dust In The Wind"
Written by Mark "Moogy" Klingman; Moogy Music (BMI)
Demo recorded at Juggies Studios, NYC
Moogy Klingman/Lead Vocals, piano, hammond organ
Todd Rundgren/harmony vocals
Robbie Kogale/guitar, harmony vocals
Roy Markewitzdrums
John Siegler/bass, harmony vocals

6)"Downtown/I Know A Place" 2:49 Ingrid Saxon
Written by Tony Hatch
Produced by Peter Calo
Ingrid Saxon/vocals, Paul Trueblood/keyboards

7)"Think How Much You'll Love Me" (alternate mix) Harriet Schock
A different mix from the tune on HARRIET SCHOCK LIVE: From Fairfax to Pasadena
Produced and engineered by Phil Appelbaum
Recorded Oct. 4 and 5 2000
Harriet Schock/keyboards, lead vocals
Joe Lammano/bass
Corwyn Travers/vocals
Gary Floyd/vocals
Herbie Katz/harmonica

8)Harriet Schock Public Service Announcement

9)"Annie" Ken Selcer
Writtena and performed by Ken Selcer/BMI

10)Interview with Doris Troy
DJ Joe Viglione, July 1, 2000

11)"Love Is All A Game" The Fifth Estate 1966
Wayne Wadhams/piano, harpsichord, organ, vocals
Ken Evans/drums, percussion
Doug Ferrara/bass
Rick Engler/electric guitar, vocals
Chuck Legros/vocals, tambourine
Bill Shute/acoustic & electric guitars, Mandolin

12)Demo That Got The Deal with Wayne Wadhams
interview on Visual Radio

13)"I'm Waiting There For You" The Fifth Estate

14)Let the World Wash In
Eddy Pumer/Peter Daltrey
21/08/70 Philips 6006 043
A rare single released on Philips - the official Isle Of Wight 1970 Festival theme


17)Interview with Greg Hawkes & Harvey Wharfield.
WCGY, 93.7 50,000 watt station located in Lawrence, Massachusetts

18)"Mercy Of The Moon" (Staehely) 6:18 Marty Balin
Marty is a founding member of The Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship.
This was released on "Better Generation", an album on Wayne Green's CD Review
label. Joe Viglione was the A & R man for the label who signed both Marty and
the band "Spirit". This take features Willie Weeks on bass.
Recorded at The Loft Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.

19)Demo That Got The Deal with Marty Balin

20)Demo That Got The Deal with Bobby Hebb

21)Where's The Party Paul Hultman en Espanol
Written by Paul Hultman, Var Music Publishing, BMI
Basic Tracks produced by Joe Viglione at Inner City Sound
Spanish version idea by Joe Viglione, tracked by Steven Paul Perry at Blue Light

Paul Hultman/rhythm guitar, vocals
Rich LaChapelle - Lead, rhythm guitar
Mike Young/Bass, backing vocals
Jim Graziano/drums

4:11 Jeannie Kendall You Just Don't Get Me
4:32 Bobby Hebb That's All I Wanna Know
3:47 Stewkey Hello It's Me (Vegas Mix)
1:01 Moogy Klingman PSA
3:28 Moogy Klingman Dust In The Wind
2:50 Ingrid Saxon Downtown/I Know A Place
3:27 Harriet Schock
:26 Harriet Schock PSA
4:52 Annie Ken Selcer
2:28 Love Is All A Game The Fifth Estate
2:25 Wayne Wadhams from Visual Radio
2:24 The Fifth Estate It's Waiting There For You
4:09 Let The World Wash In/Theme from Isle Of Wight
2:45 Jeffland (edit)
4:14 Moulty Interview
2:33 Boogie Rock Moulty & The Barbarians
6:50 Doris Troy, 7/1/00 Demo That Got The Deal
3:25 Don't Change On Me - Marty Balin
6:18 Greg Hawkes with Harvey Wharfield
4:55 Stewkey
2:49 Paul Hultman Where's The Fiesta
5:15 Ray Manzarek Interview