Sunday, November 11, 2012

11-17-12 release of Vol. 3. DEMO THAT GOT THE DEAL tm

RELEASE DATE: 11-17-12
Simmons College
Intercollegiate Broadcast System Regional Convention, Boston

11-18-12   Original N.E. Compact Disc & Record Expo


1)The Birds - Buzzy Linhart

Buzzy Linhart interview Demo/Deal  "The Demo That Got The Deal for the Music album."

2)Friend - Peter Calo

3)Ian Hunter interview / Demo That Got the Deal for Mott The Hoople

4)Shine   MAFFEO  

5)Mark Farner interview 'The Demo That Got The Deal for Grand Funk Railroad"

6)Audioscam - When The Money's Gone

7)Gary Brooker  Procol Harum interview  "The Demo That Got The Deal for Procol Harum"

8)Trade up - the Complaints

9)Gary DeCarlo of “Steam”  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him Goodbye  Demo/Deal for Gary DeCarlo

10)Harriet Schock  "It Flies"

11)Demo/Deal Harriet Schock  20th Century Records and Berry Gordy's Last Dragon film

12)Jape  "Rose Between The Thorns"

13)Burton Cummings interview  discussing "These Eyes"

14)"The Old Grey Hat"  Jack Phillips

15)Steve Cataldo   "The Demo that got the Deal for the Nervous Eaters

16)Friend  Joe Viglione

17)Wired to the Moon  Peter Calo

18)Don't Forget About Me  Kenny Selcer

There are more interviews scheduled to appear on Volume 4, sometime in January of 2013

Interviews on the disc include the “demo that got the deal” for Ian Hunter and Mott The Hoople, Dick Wagner (of Alice Cooper/Lou Reed), Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, Burton Cummings on the Guess Who’s “These Eyes”, David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, Eric Lilljequist of Boston’s band Orphan, Gary DeCarlo of “Steam” on the demo/deal for Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Genya Ravan of Ten Wheel Drive, Richard Manitoba of The Dictators, Steve Cataldo of Nervous Eaters and Harry Sandler of Orpheus.

Music on the disc includes Buzzy Linhart’s “The Birds” as well as an interview with Linhart on the Demo that got the Deal for the MUSIC album on Buddah Records, Peter Calo, Jack Phillips, Jape, Dan Maffeo's group MAFFEO and more.

Joe Viglione
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